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Healthy Eating Plan |Stop Blaming Your Weight On Your Genes!

April 30th, 2015 Categories: Detox + Weight Loss 0 Comments

 Stop Blaming Your Weight On Your Genes by LoseIT Tea at loseittea.com


How many times have you blamed obesity or difficulty losing weight on your genes?

Poor genes!

Sure, they may be responsible for different body types but saying that your genes are the cause of excess weight around your waist or thighs is downright unjust.

Now, before you get all up in arms and say “research has proven genes cause obesity”

 I want you to know that I’m fully aware of the research studies that have identified the fat mass and obesity-associated gene.


And, I’m not discounting the evidence provided by researchers.

However, I think this gene is giving a lot of people a reason to stop trying, to give up, and to be satisfied leading an unhealthy lifestyle and this is not good.


I don’t believe people should give their power away and accept obesity as a disease that can’t be treated.


Take my dear friend Janice.

She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and hearing the news shocked and saddened everybody in her life.

Janice is a woman who leads a super healthy lifestyle – she eats primarily an organic vegan diet, exercises 5 times per week, and carries a positive outlook on life.

She is a woman who is ALWAYS smiling!

When Janice received her diagnosis, she had to make a choice.

She could choose to give up, or she could choose to do everything in her power to fight the disease.


Janice is a woman I admire. She’s a fighter. She’s strong.

And, she doesn’t believe in giving up.

Today, Janice is cancer-free and continues to do everything she can to stay healthy.

She hasn’t given her power away to the disease and even though it isn’t always easy, she’s doing everything she can to stay positive and healthy.

If you carry the fat mass and obesity-associated gene, please don’t give up.

Yes, losing weight will be a bit more challenging compared to people who don’t carry the gene.


And yes, the gene makes you hungrier than people who don’t carry it.

However, it is totally possible to manage your cravings, and lose weight, AND keep it off.

If you’re part of the unlucky population that’s been handed the fat mass and obesity-associated gene, it’s not okay to stuff your face with junk food, lead a sedentary lifestyle, and accept defeat.

Although the fat mass and obesity-associated gene makes you more susceptible to gaining weight and you may have more difficulty losing weight, you still have full control over your environment, your lifestyle, and your attitude.


Let’s say you have a sister, who’s practically your twin.

You spend the majority of your time together.

You travel together.

You shop together.

And you even overindulge together.

The two of you love watching romantic comedies with a bag of popcorn, a bag of chips, chocolate, and of course, a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

You seem to pack on the pounds like it’s your job, while your sister who eats just as much has no problem managing her weight and is about 25 pounds lighter than you.


So what gives?

Obviously, your sister has been blessed with a faster metabolism, perhaps a different body type, and maybe even better genes.

Just because you’re sisters, this doesn’t mean you both turn on the same genes.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can’t eat the same foods, same portions, and lead the same lifestyle as your sister.

And if you do, you definitely won’t weigh the same.

Simply put, you’re not as lucky as your sister.


Yeah I know, life’s not fair.

So you’ll need to control your lifestyle habits if you wish to maintain a healthy weight, more so than your sister.

Truthfully, both of you would benefit from leading a healthier lifestyle together, because even when junk food doesn’t show on the outside, it’s doing great damage on the inside.

Feel free to pass this helpful info along to your sister.


So, although you may be predisposed to obesity, you still have full control over your destiny.

And that’s GOOD NEWS!

This means with positive changes to your lifestyle and changes to your environment, you can achieve your optimal weight, a more balanced appetite, and a faster metabolism.

Now that should be celebrated!

And even if you still don’t lose weight no matter how hard you try, keep trying.

Turning off genes doesn’t happen overnight and can take some time, but it can happen with the right steps.


My recommendation?

Get 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night,eat a blood sugar balancing detoxification diet like the LoseIT Tea nutrition plan, and find a support buddy.

There are two major reasons why you need extra support … more so than individuals who don’t carry the gene.

  • Firstly, people who carry the gene have higher Ghrelin levels (the hormone that tells the brain it’s time to eat), they tend to have more cravings, a larger appetite, and feel hungry soon after they’ve eaten. Basically, you’ll be tempted more easily, especially during stressful times.



Interestingly, one study shows us that individuals with two copies of the fat mass and obesity-associated gene are biologically programmed to eat more. Their brains even respond differently to pictures of food – rating pictures of high-calorie foods as more appealing after a meal. The differences were most noticeable in the hypothalamus and the reward regions of the brain, which are the same regions that respond to alcohol and recreational drugs.1



  • Secondly, when people make healthy changes and unfortunately don’t see results, it’s too easy to go back to old habits and throw in the towel. A good way to ensure you stay on track is by working one-on-one with a healthcare professional, joining a support group, or finding a buddy with similar goals to join you on your healthy lifestyle journey.


And remember, don’t be too hard on yourself along the way.

If you’ve been dealt the fat mass and obesity-associated gene, chances are you won’t get down to a size 2 or enter a fitness competition, but with some serious commitment and effort on your part, you can surely achieve a healthy body weight and feel better than ever.

So although you’ll have to come to terms with carrying the gene, you don’t have to accept defeat and your lifestyle habits can control whether the gene gets expressed.

Even 30 minutes of activity per day has been proven to be a good start in reducing the effects of the fat mass and obesity-associated gene.


Don’t give your power away to the fat mass and obesity-associated gene, not yet anyways.

Further investigation is necessary since many of the studies were done on lab mice, not humans.

I don’t doubt lab mice are intelligent creatures, but if I were you, I wouldn’t let a rodent determine my destiny.

1. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. http://www.jci.org/articles/view/44403


Check out these crazy facts about obesity in this informative Infographic.

Healthy Eating Plan | Obesity ... Don’t Blame It on Your Genes! by LoseIT Tea at loseittea.com

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