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Top 10 Detox Foods and Tips for A Spring Detox

March 8th, 2015 Categories: Detox + Weight Loss 0 Comments

Top 10 Detox Foods and Tips for A Spring Detox by LoseIT Tea at loseittea.com

With the weather getting warmer, it’s natural to want to come out from hibernation.

The winter months make it so easy to curl up by the fireplace and sip wine.

Skipping days at the gym, sleeping in a bit more, and overindulging on comfort foods is how most of us manage the winter blues.

Now with Spring around the corner, it’s the perfect time to hit reset and recharge with a LoseIT Tea Spring detox cleanse.

Although this is one of the most popular times of year to cleanse, most people have no idea where to start.

Should you eat a vegan diet for three weeks?

Should you drink green smoothies?

How about a 72-hour water fast?

The list of options goes on and on.

During the last few years, I’ve used every cleanse under the sun in my clinical practice, so I’d like to offer you some helpful advice.

Firstly, it’s important to select a cleanse that’s right for you.

Understand all that’s involved before committing – otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even started.

Evaluate the length of the program, the herbal/supplement recommendations, and whether or not you’ll have support.

If it’s safe, well reviewed, and doable, the next step is to ask yourself if it provides your body with adequate nutrition.

The last thing you want to do is force your body to cleanse without providing adequate fuel and energy.

Just as you need energy to clean your home, your body needs energy to clear out toxins.

Getting down on your hands and knees to scrub is a hard job – essentially your body is doing the same thing during a detox, which means, you have to eat well and sleep well to cleanse well!

Sipping jugs of lemon water while taking a fiber laxative just won’t cut it.

If you want to thoroughly cleanse the organs in your body, remove toxins in your blood, and stimulate your lymphatic system to dump garbage, you’ve got to do more.

That’s why I’ve outlined the key steps to effectively eliminate toxins that harm your health.

Step One – Eat a Liver-Friendly Diet

Remove processed foods, sugars, red meat, dairy, gluten, and other hard-to-digest foods from your diet for a minimum of two weeks.

If it sounds like there is nothing left to eat, believe me, there’s plenty.

Have you seen the LITlicious lifestyle handbook that’s filled with liver-friendly foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals?

Healthy good fats, fiber, and high quality protein will support your body during a detox.

Does it make any sense to invest your time and money in a detox cleanse program if you’re going to turn around and have beer, wings, and ice cream?

If you eat a poor diet during a detox, you’re not detoxing!

In fact, your body will be working so hard trying to break down these foods that it won’t have energy left to adequately cleanse.

This will likely leave you feeling fatigued, run-down, and unwell.

Bottom-line, you need nutrient-dense foods during your Spring detox – that’s why I recommend following the LITlicious healthy lifestyle recommendations.

The liver is often the most neglected organ of the human body.

This organ is situated on the right side of the abdominal region and is known to speed weight loss when functioning optimally. It plays an integral role in the storage of fat, digestion of food, and also controlling blood glucose levels.

Since the liver is your body’s major detoxification organ and so desperately needs care, I’ve put together a list of 10 liver loving foods to ensure it’s vibrant, healthy, and happy!

These foods will enhance the detox process on your liver cleanse diet!

1) Beets

Beets have rich deposits of antioxidants and contain iron, folate and betaine.

Not only do beets have a beneficial effect on fat metabolism, they also assist with regenerating liver cells. That’s not all, beets contain pectin, a form of fiber which helps to absorb toxins and flush them out of the body.

2) Kale

Kale is an iron-rich detoxifying dark green leafy vegetable which contains vitamin C, fiber and sulfur. 

No matter how you decide to prepare it, you can count on this nutrient rich leafy to assist with healthy digestion by stimulating the liver to produce more bile acid. Bile carries fat-soluble toxins away from the liver. Need we say more?

3) Lemons

Lemons strengthen the liver and assist in cleansing the system of impurities.

Alkalinizing lemons are also high in vitamin C, an important antioxidant that’s increases glutathione production. Glutathione neutralizes toxins and during Phase II of liver detoxification, it grabs hold of toxins and helps eliminate them from the body via urine and bile.

4) Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in sulfur and antioxidants. Sulfur assists with cleansing and is one of the most important minerals in the body.

5) Onions

Research has shown that onions lower blood glucose levels, boost the immune system, and since they contain a large amount of sulfur, they are especially helpful in liver detoxification.

6) Garlic

Contains certain complex substances like alliin, that get converted to the active form called allicin, when fresh garlic is crushed or chopped.

Aside from providing protection again viruses, bacteria, and other invaders, garlic helps to detoxify the body and strengthen the liver.

7) Cabbage

Contains almost 8 times the vitamin C found in an orange. Cabbage is another vegetable that’s high in sulfur, which as you now know, stimulates liver detox.

8) Spinach

Spinach is blessed with nutrients of various kinds.

Not only is it enriched with iron and antioxidants, this leafy green also cleanses your cells, kidneys, colon, and liver.

9) Spirulina

An incredible blue-green algae, spirulina is enriched with complex compounds that are great for detoxifying the liver.

It’s also loaded with minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. This liver friendly food helps protect and purify the liver – drink up!

10) Bok Choy

This leafy vegetable is an excellent source of sulfur-containing phytonutrients, vitamin C, and fiber.

It’s an excellent source of iron and other minerals that help nourish and detoxify the body.

Remember that once the liver gets damaged, it impacts how you look, how you feel, and how you fight disease.

So start adding these liver friendly foods to your diet and feel the difference!

Step Two – Use Herbs To Assist With Toxin Elimination

Dating back to Ancient Rome and Greece, cleansing with the use of purifying herbs has always been a part of natural medicine to improve and maintain good health.

Although colon cleansing is an important aspect of detoxification, detoxifying herbs that improve liver function are equally important.

All LoseIT Tea blends work synergistically to cleanse the colon, remove blood impurities, improve liver detoxification as well as increase the liver’s output and flow of bile.

LoseIT Tea cleansing herbs include Silymarin, Dandelion Root, Green Tea Leaf, and Yellow Dock Root.

In addition to organic cleansing herbs that support both phases of detoxification, I encourage increasing the following:

      • turmeric (curcumin)

      • garlic

      • avocados

      • beets

      • chia seeds

      • hemp protein

      • chlorella, cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli

      • raw coconut oil

Step Three – Perform This Ancient Detoxification Practice

The last phase of detoxification requires some manual stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Grab a long handled natural fiber brush and dry skin brush your skin from the feet upward towards your heart.

This ancient detoxification practice should be performed for ten minutes per day and will enhance circulation, improve digestion, and enhance toxin elimination from the body.

Although you may prefer to take showers rather than baths, this ancient practice is best when followed by a clay bath.

Bentonite clay works to draw out toxins through the skin, particularly heavy metals, which can be difficult to eliminate.

In the past 75 years, thousands of toxic substances have been introduced into our food, our environment, and our personal care products.

This overexposure has led to the development of many acute and chronic health conditions.

Doing a LoseIT Tea Spring detox is an excellent way to reduce toxicity in the body and improve the functioning of your organs.

Choose a cleanse that suits your lifestyle and maintain a positive attitude from beginning to end.

Rather than focusing on what you’ll be missing, re-direct your energy and recognize all the things that you’ll be gaining.

Cheers to Spring cleansing!

Top 10 Detox Foods and Tips for A Spring Detox by LoseIT Tea at loseittea.com

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