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Coconut Oil Benefits: The Key To A Flat Stomach

March 29th, 2015 Categories: Detox + Weight Loss 3 Comments

Coconut Oil Benefits - The Key To A Flat Stomach by LoseIT Tea at

If you have stubborn belly fat, 100% raw coconut oil may offer you the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Replacing bad fats like trans-fats with good fats like raw coconut oil can speed up weight loss when accompanied with a wholesome diet and exercise.

Healthy fats like coconut oil…

Instead of being stored around your mid-section, are used as energy and fuel.

Essentially you burn coconut oil right away. You use it as an immediate energy source, giving you extra stamina almost instantly.

Consuming coconut oil can also raise good cholesterol and support a heart healthy lifestyle.

Did you ever think that eating fat would be so good for you?

I doubt it.

Like over 95% of the North American population, you’ve probably been led to believe that eating fat would cause you to gain weight – but coconut oil (a healthy fat) is truly the key to a flat mid-section.

No bloating. No added weight. Just a lean, toned mid-section.

If you’re looking to reduce your cravings for fattening carb-loaded foods, start having 2-4 tbsp of raw coconut oil daily.

There are many ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your lifestyle.

And there’s more good news – enhancing the flavor of your favorite foods with this good fat may lead to greater satiety, less calories consumed and ultimately, weight loss.

Yes! This fat will actually help you LOSE WEIGHT!

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at individuals who are indigenous to areas where coconuts are grown and utilized in the diet daily. They tend to be thinner than other populations, though the tendency of these cultures is to eat LOTS of fat from coconut oil.

So, if you’re looking to tally up the benefits of coconut oil…

Get your pen ready because the benefits of raw coconut oil are endless!

Let’s check out the top 7 coconut oil benefits: 

1. Supports a healthy heart by raising HDL cholesterol – that’s the GOOD kind of cholesterol that you want to increase.

2. Acts as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal fighter – unrefined coconut oil is an amazing immune booster.

3. Reduces abdominal obesity since its medium chain triglycerides – the primary type of healthy fat that is found in coconut oil – can be metabolized faster than long-chain fatty acids.

4. Shrinks fat cells – so simple and so powerful!

5. Supports strong nails and results in beautiful shiny hair.

6. Provides your body with loads of energy.

7. Defends against thyroid diseases and other hormonal imbalances.

Try to incorporate at least two tablespoons of virgin, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil daily for maximum benefit.

You can easily substitute coconut oil for vegetable cooking oil, add it to your coffee, enjoy it in your smoothie, or simply take it by the spoon.

The coconut flavor will make your favorite dishes taste even better – delicious options include using it when grilling or sautéing shrimp, and cooking sweet potatoes, brown rice, fiber-rich beans, and stir-fry recipes.

To satisfy your sweet tooth, consider adding it to healthy dessert recipes or homemade vegan ice cream.

Nature has truly supplied us with an incredible healthy fat that can be utilized in many ways, so think about experimenting with this delicious and nutrient-rich oil in your kitchen.

Your cardiovascular, immune, and metabolic systems will reap great rewards!

Detox for Weight Loss | Coconut Oil Benefits and The Key To A Flat Stomach by LoseIT Tea at

Let’s review what’s happened over the past five years. 

It seems everybody is becoming more aware of toxins in their food and beauty products. People are seeking better health and ways to achieve it.

Like you, many people are looking for natural alternatives wherever possible.

Since coconut oil can be used on your skin or on your plate, it’s a must-have not only in your bathroom, but also in your kitchen.

Coconut oil has replaced butter and vegetable oil in my kitchen and I’ve been able to toss over 14 toxic beauty products since I’ve discovered coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an excellent source of healthy saturated fats. Today we know it’s:

1. Easily converted into fuel that the body can use as energy.

2. High in lauric acid, which offers a variety of immune boosting benefits.

3. Great for fighting illness since it carries anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties.

4. Excellent at supporting cardiovascular health, more specifically reducing hypertension and bad “LDL” cholesterol levels.

5. A great natural skincare alternative to many toxic beauty products. Isn’t it time to ditch those cancer-causing, chemically-ridden personal care products that you really don’t need?

Now that you’re convinced, I’m sure you’re wondering which type of oil to buy?

And you should know that coconut oil is not all created equal.

In fact, the market is full of poor quality products that are SO BAD for your health.

You’ve got to purchase the good stuff or you might as well not use it at all.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for.

Firstly, if the coconut oil has a yellow color or a funny smell, you may want to question the source of the oil.

Coconut oil melts at about 25 degrees Celsius (75 degrees F).

When it’s below this temperature, it should appear solid, white, and creamy.

If it doesn’t, be wary.  

Most of my patients get confused with the different properties listed on the coconut oil label.

They often ask me which one is better.

Should they look for a cold expressed product, a raw product, or a virgin coconut oil alternative?

What does all of this even mean?

The truth is that labelling can be very misleading and tricky. Companies do this on purpose as they are often more interested in the marketing of the product rather than the quality or source.

Most of the cheap brands are processed, which is the last thing that you want to put into your body.

You won’t get the same health benefits of pure coconut oil if the product has been altered in some way or processed heavily. In fact, you can do more harm than good.

Some manufacturers even use bleach and harsh solvents.

Crazy, isn’t it!?

Simply say no thank you to these cheap oils that will damage your health and likely lead to WEIGHT GAIN – NOT a flat mid-section.

Organic vs. Non-Organic

As many of you know, I strive to use only organic products in my bathroom and my kitchen. Since I’m exposed to enough chemicals through the environment, I try my best to reduce exposure in other ways as much as possible. Look for an all-natural organic coconut oil product.

Refined vs. Unrefined

Refined coconut oil is not the same as unrefined. Refined is processed and will likely lead to weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and many other health problems.

There’s NO comparison.

If it’s been processed, stay away!

How can you tell if the product has been refined if it doesn’t mention it on the label?

It’s not so easy, which is why reading your labels is super important!

If it tastes like coconuts and smells like coconuts…

There’s a good chance that it hasn’t been processed…

BUT if it doesn’t guarantee it’s raw on the label, the taste and smell may be artificial.

I repeat…look for RAW coconut oil that is made from fresh coconut meat without added solvents or chemicals.

If the oil has been processed using high heat, you’ve already lost many of the benefits that this miracle oil offers.

Virgin vs. Extra Virgin

What do I have to say about this label?

Um …. I like to be polite, so I won’t spell it out.

But it’s essentially BS.

There is NO DIFFERENCE between virgin coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil. Extra virgin is just another marketing tactic.

Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil or Cold Pressed

Okay, cold-pressed may seem a bit expensive at first, but it’s definitely worth the price you pay.

Cold-press coconut oil is raw and should not be heated beyond room temperature.

It maintains the natural flavour of the coconut and is super delicious! Not only that, RAW coconut oil also contains tons of nutrients and health benefits.


Expeller-pressed is a mechanical extraction process that does not rely on solvent extracts or chemical processes. It has less natural coconut taste than cold-pressed or “raw” coconut oil.


Avoid toxic, cheap, chemically-processed, hydrogenated coconut oil.

This stuff simply sucks and you might as well save your money!


Cheers to enjoying the good stuff!

3 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Benefits: The Key To A Flat Stomach

  1. I have started consuming pure coconut oil about 2 weeks ago and I am feeling better and better nowadays as my stomach is getting cleaned regulary. I have a question about coconut oil – I would like to know how much time it will take to reduce belly fat? As a diabetic person, I would like to know if Coconut Oil consumption will help me in eliminating this chronic problem?

    Sandeep Patil

    • Hi Sandeep,

      Thank you for sharing your comments with us! It’s great to hear that you’ve started consuming coconut oil. I hope it is of high quality – unrefined, unbleached, undeodorized. You must be since you’re feeling much better and your digestion has improved. It can take a few weeks before you notice significant changes in belly fat. Keep using the coconut oil (at least 2 tbsp per day) and you’ll start to see changes – decreased appetite, increased energy (hopefully giving you more energy to exercise), and a reduced body fat.

      Although I can’t say that coconut oil will cure your diabetes, I can promise you that consuming 100% raw coconut oil will help balance your blood sugars. It won’t create spikes in insulin followed by crashes and will help you control cravings throughout the day.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out. We are so happy that you’re enjoying our articles and again, we really appreciate your comments.

      Yours in health,

  2. Combination of milk thistle and coconut oil help benefit stomach flatness & is milk thistle necessary if you have a healthy liver? Thank you for your help.

    Thanks for your question. I do recommend having milk thistle even with a healthy liver. It will help maintain good liver health, when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

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