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Beauty Detox | What Everybody Ought To Know About Acne.

June 16th, 2014 Categories: Beauty + Skin Care 0 Comments

What Everybody Ought To Know About Acne by LoseIT Tea at

I’ll have a big presentation or a conference…

Where I need to speak to a room full of people and I get a breakout.

Sure, stress plays a part.

But I think we can all admit to stress eating a bit…or a lot.

I know that when I’m going through a stressful time in my life, I tend to turn to comfort foods (I’m looking at you Almond Joy bar).

So you may want to ask yourself when you look in the mirror and find a few pimples…

“When was the last time I woke up covered in melted chocolate surrounded by discarded candy wrappers?”

It’s easy to eat well when things are humming along nicely, but what do you tend to eat when things become stressful?

Perhaps this is causing your skin to freak out, don’t ya think?

Let’s look at acne in more detail with this educational Infographic. 

Beauty Detox | What Everybody Ought To Know About Acne by LoseIT Tea at

Did You Know?

Foods do in fact cause inflammation and breakouts. Here’s a closer look.

The Beauty Detox!


Think of your skin as an indicator of what’s going on in your body.

If there are rashes and acne, something is awry.

A diet full of sugar can lead to inflammation and breakouts.

But what’s happening under the surface of your skin?

Sugar can cause inflammation in joints and your digestive tract, triggering things like arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Eating a low-glycemic diet can be helpful, which means removing the refined carbs (the white stuff—white breads, rice, cakes, sugar) and becoming more reliant on ancient grains, nuts and berries. This can balance your blood sugars, which, in turn, lowers the occurrence of inflammation and breakouts.


Many have noticed a link between the reduction of dairy products in their diet and the lessening of breakouts.

Scientists think this may have to do with the way milk affects hormone levels, causing a rise in testosterone and an increase in oil production.

Reducing or cutting out dairy could alleviate skin issues and be the secret to cure acne.

Some alternatives include switching to almond or rice milk products.

I love the vanilla flavored varieties, and have even grown to prefer them to dairy milk.

These alternative varieties of milk are generally fortified with the same calcium and vitamin D provided in dairy milk.

If you have concerns about your vitamin and mineral intake, check with your naturopathic physician. Some believe humans were never meant to drink animal milk, as so many develop a food intolerance to dairy after they are weaned from breast milk.

Not Enough Omega-3 Fatty Acids  

In modern diets, people are getting far too few omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.

Increasing omega-3’s can lessen inflammation in your body.

Look for foods that are fortified with omega-3s.

Ground flax seed contains omega-3s and is a good addition to smoothies or can act as a nutritious egg substitute when baking.

If you incorporate more fish into your diet, you’ll also increase your intake of these healthy fats.

You can always take fish oil supplements and you can surely find some great brands that won’t leave you smelling like an old tuna can.

They aren’t all bad.


If you happen to have an allergy to gluten, it can exhibit itself as inflammation, rashes and acne.

Make a food diary and see if you have stomach issues or reactions after you eat foods that contain gluten.

If you notice that you do, see your naturopathic doctor before you decrease your gluten content so that he or she can confirm the diagnosis. Without gluten present in your system, you won’t get a reliable reading.

Also, most doctors believe it is pointless to cut nutritious gluten-containing food out of your diet if you don’t need to.

We are here to support you on your health journey and help you lower your stress levels.

Let us know if you’ve noticed changes in your skin by following a healthier lifestyle.

We always love hearing from you!

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